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Our Services

Photo Book

Photo book as an art gallery, we show on our site the pictures of villas, lofts, apartments, old castles, and much more. Each shot to capture the beauty of 'property. And looking closely, you can see not only concrete, bricks, window frames, but also an idea, a projection of what could be the home of t your dreams.

Video Tour 

our video-story are real virtual travel within the luxury homes we have. The video, with a strong involvement, is one of the most effective tools to illustrate to our customers both internal and external properties for sale, focusing on the characteristics that make each unique property.


How to tell in words a luxury home? We do it through our editor who  keeps  under constantly  update the descriptions of our properties.Reviews are rich in descriptive details, and in this full immersion of adjectives, each buyer will be guided by the file which sounds to him the most  suggestive and evocative one.

Promotion on the web

Experts in communication , advertising and  copywriters  work together with enthusiasm and passion to what is the promotional campaign to advertise the property for sale. And then promotion on websites, industry portals, and of course on all social networks.

International  Customers

And if our next client should live in Paris, London, St. Petersburg, Berlin, we will go there with reliable interpreters. After a short preliminary interview, to have a precise idea of what  the buyer's needs are, we will  stage a series of properties, among those  responding to the desire  of the buyers.


One of our cornerstones is the focus in dealing with the buyer's personal data and information relating to the property. We take care of the sale of valuable property, both   from economic  point of view  and from a strictly architectural angle, and that is why  we guarantee absolute confidentiality. Furthermore, as regards the publication of your property on site, one can expect  the visibility even only to referenced customers. And only at a later time, accessible to anyone surfing our site.

Exclusive properties

When the customer  has particularly strict request:  precise location, specific architectural style, type of property and other features, no problem. Our staff is able to handle each request, being very motivated in achieving the goals useless to say in line with the buyer ‘ total satisfaction.


A team of professionals, experienced and mastering   the rules in force concerning the purchase and sale of real estate, is available  to assist  taxwise  as well as legal  Italian and foreign customers.

Renovation and interior design

Interior designers and architects are on hand to give hints and tips on how to customize the home you are going to buy , having refined, elegant and original  furniture and accessories.  And for the garden, a  designer will guide the client in choosing the most suitable trees and flowers, all designed with the utmost taste.

Property Management

LB provides its customers with post-sale management services to selected clients , ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property, legal and fiscal management offered  by our consultants.