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For Sale - Castello di Ruvo

€ 850.000,00

For Sale
Italy - Bari - Ruvo di Puglia

670 mq. 12 Total Rooms 6 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms
Puglia - Salento - Bari - Ruvo di Puglia

Palazzo Camerino – The residence is located in the north wing of the ancient Castello di Ruvo, whose earliest historical records date back to the 12th century. This magnificent residence enriches and dominates one side of the beautiful town square, characterised by works of great historical and architectural value, such as Palazzo del Municipio, dating back to the 14th century, the Norman-Renaissance Tower with 16th-century biforate and triforate windows, the historic Church of San Rocco and the important Cathedral of Ruvo of the 12th century.
This ancient noble residence offers also a view of Castel del Monte, a famed castle at 18 km in a straight line.

The entire building covers an area of 670 sqm on different levels, partly covered and uncovered.
The ground floor houses the rooms that in the past were used by the palace servants.
The first floor, the palace’s piano nobile, has great charm and beauty. It is accessed from the main entrance through a remarkable stone spiral staircase, built with unique workmanship and architectural genius and inspired by the helical stairs of the nearby Castel del Monte. The floor measures 330 sqm and is divided into a series of rooms characterised by finely painted walls and ceilings in Art Nouveau style of considerable artistic value. The magnificent Meeting Room contains experimental paintings by artist Giuseppe Cantatore that look like 3D objects – it’s the so called trompe-l'œil technique, literally meaning “trick the eye”. Architectural elements such as statues, domes, columns, friezes, cherubs and agile mythological figures convey a feeling of lightness and airiness, in a continuous dynamic movement that is considerably suggestive to the soul.
In addition, a large terrace of 162 sqm offers a beautiful view of the mediaeval square and, as far as the eye can see, of the entire plain and Castel del Monte.
The large internal courtyard is an easily accessed driveway that allows the parking of cars.
The Palace contains also different rooms, cellars, attics and terraces.

Historical notes

The property is located in Ruvo di Puglia, a town of about 26,000 people located in Alta Murgia National Park, about 30 km Northwest of Bari. Ruvo di Puglia is a town rich in art and history. The most important buildings include the 12th-century Cathedral, one of the best examples of Apulian Romanesque style, and the 19th-century Jatta Museum.
The Castle is mentioned in some documents of the 12th century as castrum fortissimum. The core of the castle consists of a Norman Tower that was restored first by Frederick II during the Swabian domination and later by the House of Anjou. Throughout the centuries, Castello di Ruvo had a role in many historical events. Some of the most salient episodes include the Challenge of Barletta (in 1503, 13 French knights left from Castello di Ruvo, where the French garrison was headquartered, to reach Barletta and fight in the challenge); then, starting from 1510, long centuries of feudalism under the rule of the Counts of Carafa until the arrival of Napoleon’s troops in 1806. Subsequently, Princess Melodia bought and restored the North Wing of the Castle and in 1903 she sold it to Francesco Camerino, whose descendants are the current owners. Finally, during World War II, it was the headquarters of the Allied Command in the area.


Type: Castle
Destination Type: Residenziale
City: Bari
Town: Ruvo di Puglia
Locality: Old Town
Level: Edificio - level building 3
Condictions: Habitable
Heating: Independent
Ref: Castello di Ruvo Rif. 0024
Total Area sqm: 670
Total Rooms: 12
Address: 6
Bathrooms: 4
Year Built:
Parking: Abitabile
Garden: Privato

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Not Furnished
Kitchenette: Abitabile
Balcony: Si
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